Pixel led support for vesc idea(forgive the ignorance)

So there are already on the market items to control leds like the av spark that have to be plugged in to your uart channl taking away the ability to use a remote, And you have to use add on pcbs which take up precious room we already dont have in some set ups.
Would it be possible to have the vesc controller like lil foccer have some of its connections output 3 separate data channels(or one and we wire all data in series and then define the 3 separate led channels) for pixel leds for rear light, front light, indicator light ?

Then all we need to do is use and isolating relay and a buck puck to drop down the voltage to 5v or 12 v depending on strips being used.
Forgive my ignorance I dont know if there is 3 free pads on the lil foccer or other vesc that can change what they are outputting…

So below is a crude example of what I am trying to express.

This isn’t necessarily possible - having 3 outputs plus running essentially wled on the vesc is unlikely.

But you are making your design unnecessarily difficult by requiring 3 pads. Actually, you only need 1, if you can wire all 3 segments in series (so the last led in the segment chains to the first in the next). I don’t think this really helps much, as you still likely cannot send pixel data to a 3-wire LED segment from the vesc - the protocol the standard 3-wire LEDs use is very sensitive to timing and so usually requires its own dedicated control board or at least the processor to be able to offload the timing to a separate unit internally (what ESP32s do).

You might be able to do this with a different protocol - 4-wire “DotStar” is not sensitive to timing, but now you need two pads again (one is for the clock signal).

And finally there’s the concern of adding more jobs to the vesc processor instead of offloading it to a separate device that, if something goes wrong, won’t result in your balance vehicle suddenly becoming an unbalanced vehicle.

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Go with Ugland WLED VESC controller and 5V power supply setup…