PEV Glossary - All OW/VESC Terms explained


This glossary includes common terms and concepts related to Onewheel and VESC technology.


  • ADC: A type of electronic circuit component that converts analog signals to digital signals. You will find 2 of these used for your foot sensors, measuring the voltage. A low voltage (usually below 0.5 Volts) means it’s not engaged aka off, whereas a higher voltage (usually above 2.0 Volts but mostly close to the maximum, aka 3.3 Volts)


  • Balance App #obsolete: In v5.3 and older we used to select the balance app. Since 6.0 we have packages so we no longer select an “app” in App Settings
  • Balance Package #obsolete : An package of software settings and controls that controls the balance and stability of a Onewheel.
  • BMS: a device required to safely operate/charge your Lithium battery


  • Cutoffs: VESC motor controllers have lots of cutoff options used for safety in esk8/ebike applications, e.g. when temperature gets too high or voltage gets too low - For Onewheels cutoffs mean nosedives, so we always want to avoid cutoffs and configure tiltbacks instead to alert the user that something isn’t right
  • CannonCore: Onewheel motor made by Floatwheel, also has the same dimensions as a Hypercore but it has a hollow axle. Much more powerful than the Hypercore (probably similar to SuperFlux) and with a similar kv as the Hypercore



  • ERPM: it stands for effective RPM (rotations per minute) which is based on magnets rather than wheel rotations. For our use 1000 erpm translates to roughly 2 mph or ~3km/h


  • Float Control: iOS App to enable easy custom shaping for VESC boards.
  • Float Package: VESC Package for “one-wheeled skateboards” made by @NicoAleman . See #float-package for more information
  • Footpad: The platform on a Onewheel where the rider places their feet.
  • Field Weakening: a technique used to allow brushless motors to run faster - see How To: Field Weakening


  • Growler: A OW/VESC hardware with shorter rails and Pint-sized tire


  • Hypercore: The stock OW+/XR brushless DC motor with 750W of power.


  • IMU: An Inertial Measurement Unit, a device that measures a vehicle’s motion, orientation, and acceleration.



  • Kv: Motor Kv “provides a way to describe the relationship between the peak voltage and rotation speed in a brushless motor in a no-load condition
    ** Hypercore: 14kv
    ** Superflux: 17kv
    ** Cannoncore: 13-15kv (still tbd, just based on Tony’s statements so far)



  • metr: A popular bluetooth module + app for ride tracking - see


  • Nose Hunting: A phenomenon where the nose of a Onewheel goes up or down unexpectedly. See the video below




  • Prowler: A continuation of the Growler setup when you use a Pint Rim instead of the stock XR one
  • Pushback: see Tiltback below




  • Superflux: Motor made by Fungineers, it has the same dimensions as the Hypercore but is more powerful and has a higher kv than the Hypercore.


  • Tune Card: A preset of Float Package customizations to achieve a certain ride behaviour of a VESC board.
  • Tiltback: Movement of the nose to prevent the user not to push the board any further. Fully user-configurable. In the “VESC App > Float Package” the Tiltback can triggered by Duty Cycle, Voltage High/Low Ends. Note: even negative tiltback is possible, aka nose going down - ALWAYS test your tiltback setting at low-speed first (e.g. set 30% duty cycle as the trigger) to recognize how it feels



  • VESC: The Vedder Electronic Speed Controller, a type of open-source ESC commonly used in Onewheel customization.