(OUTDATED) IMU Wizard Guide (VESC Tool 6.0)

EDIT: This was created to work around bugs present in the 6.00 version of VESC Tool. This has since been fixed in the most recent versions of VESC Tool (6.02+), and is no longer relevant. For the most updated IMU Wizard Guide, go here: [WIKI] IMU Calibration Wizard - a beginner's tutorial (with VESC tool 6.02 beta)

Full disclaimer, this is far from fully fleshed out and skips over accelerometer (which isn’t totally necessary, but should probably be done at some point). I just wanted to put a quick video out since I’ve been getting constant questions daily on how to use the new IMU Wizard, especially by those starting new builds for the first time. In its current state, there are multiple ways to run into issues using it, so this video is just meant to get people up and running and shows how to confirm that you’re all set. I plan to make a more fleshed out video, but for now, feel free to reference this.

Video Link: IMU Wizard Rough Guide - VESC Tool 6.0 - YouTube


So if we’re setting imu rate to 400 do we set the loop HZ to the same frequency or leave that at 800?

Good question! Keep Loop Hertz in the 800 range, as this affects performance, just make sure its a multiple of your sample rate (i.e. 400/800 or 416/832). The reason I usually recommend halving the sample rate specifically like this is that it seems to help with issues relating to IMU noise, specifically in the gyroscope readings and the effects it can have when using Rate P.

You’re free to run your sample rate at double this (800 or 832 Hz), but if you run into any issues with weird motor vibrations when using Rate P, lowering the sample rate usually seems to resolve this, with negligible downside.

Thanks for putting this together. I struggled with the IMU wizard but managed to eventually get something working. It wasn’t until I watched this video that I realized that I had my pitch reversed, and the motor direction reversed to compensate :sweat_smile:

It still rides the same now, but I run a simple setup on the balance package (no asymmetric stuff) so I’m not sure how much it mattered. My duty cycle is now generally positive though, so that makes the VESC Tool charts much nicer :joy:.