Onewheel/Floatwheel Screws/Sizes and Where they go (Living document)

This is an attempt to collect a source of where to get all of the hardware required for your board(s). Whether you just want spares, lost some, or your pet dragon ate everything, hopefully this will help with sourcing what you need. If there’s something that is missing or that I got wrong feel free to drop a comment, or send me a message and I can update. Most if not all of these links are going to be for ali express (aside from the SAE nonsense for the XR) Obviously you can find them elsewhere and if you find a link that you think should be added, let me know.

Pint (All Metric) All Allen/Hex cause I want my board to be easy to take apart.
M4x10 Flat Head (Countersunk)
These are used to assemble most of the board. Fender/Fender Delete, Footpads/bumpers, Attaching boxes to rails.
M4x40 Flat Head (Countersunk)
There are 4 of these required to put a pint together. There are the outer most screws used on the bottom side of the board that run through the bumper/rails and secure into the inserts of the footpad.
M4x10 Button Head
These are used to replace the stock security screws that are used to hold both the controller and battery box together so that you no longer need that damned 5 point security bit that we all hate (Okay maybe I’m the only one that really hates it) You will need a total of 16 of these to close up both the controller and the battery box.
M8x35 Socket Head Cap (IMPORTANT: Needs to be a 13mm diameter head, anything wider will not fit)
These are used for the hub bolts of the pint and 4 are required to assemble the board
You will need to order two from this particular link to get the required qty. Note that these will stick out from the rail slightly, but they won’t one strip out or break, and two be as ugly and and expensive as the goofy looking titanium.
Stainless variant similar to above
For those mf that insist on titanium for whatever reason. These fit the diameter requirement but will also stick out a bit.

To add later
Bms cover retainer screws
Controller holder screws
Hub plate screws (I think I already have dimensions and should be the same as XR.

I should really just put this all in a google table. Thing and then add a link with a forum that can be submitted for edits…


This is great
I second the Google sheet for a reference - would be easier to find what i’m looking for at a glance

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