Occasional/rare nose dips and Accel Y Filter as a potential fix

Hello everyone.

I’ve tuned the hell out of my board, I have the Accel Z lowpass at 1Hz and I’ve messed with a ton of other settings, though certainly not all of them.

I’m still getting a pretty severe nose dip very occasionally, say every 50-100km just to give a ballpark. It always happens when I drop a curb and don’t land perfect, or when running into some chunk and don’t really absorb it in the knees, etc.

So it’s hard to say where’s the line between board deficiency and user error. But, the distinction for me is very much there. I know I didn’t stomp it, that happens all the time, but those few occasions the board would just leave the nose down for several hundred milliseconds more, and that to me signals IMU confusion.

I ride both ways and it feels to me it happens noticeably more when riding battery forward.

Messing with the accelerometer filters, I ended up with Accel Y lowpass filter value of 12Hz that I rode for a couple of months. In my (very subjective) opinion it fixed (wild guess) 80% of the dips, though not all. It also changes a bit how the board feels in general, and “stiffens it up” a bit, it seemed to me.

I didn’t observe any negative side effects, and I do tricks as well (reverts, nudges, nose slides etc.).

I reverted the filter to 0 only once to test against the baseline, and gotten a couple of dips in a short time period so I went back (could have certainly been bad luck). Ideally I’d test this more thoroughly, but it requires longer periods and I’m testing other stuff now and don’t really have the time for it.

I’d be very interested to hear from others if you’re also getting these occasional dips and if you think this setting helps.