No Power on the lilfoccer 3.1

I did a bench test with my focer and everything was working fine except my momentary switch. It’s led was not powered. So I unplugged the power then took everything back out of the box carefully. I resoldered the part that I knew was wrong with the momentary switch and then went to bench test again but this time the focer wasn’t getting any power. No light on the focer like before. Have I messed up my focer? or is it something else I am missing?

how is the focer powered. Can you confirm it has voltage from the battery/bms?
Try and just unplug the switch entirely from the focer and cycle power. it should turn on.

Details on your wiring configuration would give a lot more insight. Are you running an FM BMS? This is required to run a momentary switch in the first place I believe

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I am running an fm bms and stock battery pack. So far I have followed surfdados xr conversion tutorial for everything expect the external Bluetooth module.

EDIT: I feel like a moron, I had to reattach the wire from the switch to the pin on the molex connector for the switches circuit to be closed. My momentary switch now actually turns on and off the focer. No clue why it wouldn’t turn on with the stock button for a bit but I let it sit and now it works.