Nico's Stable 5.3.006 Tune (with optional Full Configs!)

EDIT: Not compatible with VESC FW 6.0 / Float Package!! Meant for use on Dado's older 5.3.006 FW


Hey y’all! Many of you guys enjoyed my previous tune, and with Mitch’s latest IMU fix, I’m happy to say that things are pretty damn dialed! Things are much more simple this time around; my Tune is very minimal, with very little use of tune modifiers. The ride feel is, in my opinion, extremely predictable, consistent, and for those coming from an FM board, definitely a bit familiar! The IMU fix also allows for some crazy versatility, and you’ll find that once you’ve tweaked things to your own preferences, you really don’t need to touch it whether you’re riding trail, street, or even trick riding.

The “Secret Sauce” of the tune is easily the Yaw P value of 0.6. For those who don’t know, Yaw P in Stable 5.3.006 is a placeholder used for a value called “Rate P” (as opposed to standard P, which is also referred to as Angular P). With this set at a fairly high value of 0.6, much of that teeter-y, trotter-esque feel is practically eliminated, as it will start accelerating the moment the nose starts dropping, rather than just once you’re below level / setpoint. This creates a ride feel MUCH closer to what people are used to with an FM board, and a feel that I personally consider smoother, more refined, and much more predictable.

That said, I don’t want to ramble on too long, as outside of that, this tune is pretty damn basic. More details are listed on the tune card itself. It’s certainly a “base,” so feel free to tweak things how you please!

With the Tune Card itself being pretty minimal and versatile, I wanted to do something special alongside it, so I have created a pretty expansive directory of XML’s for whatever configuration you may need!

First off, XML’s of just the Tune Card alone are included, where any unnecessary/personalized values are left out (battery spec, startup, faults, tiltbacks, IMU calibration, etc.). This means that, assuming you are already up and running with a functional tune/configuration, these should be safe to just load and ride! That said, please do still make a backup, just as a precaution.

However, for those of you who are just building their first VESC, or even those of you who just want to make sure they have a solid config, I have put together XML’s for FULL CONFIGS that include reliable starting values for things like Startup, Faults, Tiltbacks, Battery Currents, Voltage Cutoffs, and more! Just follow the directory, selecting your specific Controller/IMU and Battery, and load up the designated configs!

Please note, these are NOT a replacement for IMU Calibration and Motor Setup. These steps must be completed first, unless they are done already (i.e. MakersPEV’s Preassembled Controller). Hannes has a great tutorial on this process. Once these are done, just load up your respective full configuration, and you should be good to go!

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, either with my tune card or the Full Config directory, feel free to leave a reply in this thread so we can get you sorted! I’ve gotten amazing reception with this tune from those who have tried it, and I personally prefer it over FM firmware in basically every scenario, so I’m stoked for everyone to try it themselves and want to help however I can if anyone faces any issues getting it up and running. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have been! :call_me_hand:

Tune Config Download: Nico's Stable V6 Tune - Google Drive

Common Issue:
If you experience strange noises or behavior due to setting Yaw P to 0.6, the most common fix is to simply experiment with different values for Zero Vector Frequency, located under Motor CFG → FOC → Advanced. Values from 14-30 kHz should be safe, but avoid going beyond this, as you risk damaging your controller. Try different values in this range, you will likely notice that different values will have different effects on the sound/resonance of the board while engaged. Find what works best for your board! I prefer to stay in the 25-30 kHz range personally, as the whine is usually much less jarring IMO. If this does not solve your issue, please consider making a new thread so we can troubleshoot it!

Pro Tip:
Even if you only need the Tune Card, I highly recommend holding onto the Full Config version of the Motor XML that matches your personal setup. With this, following any future Motor Setups, all you have to do is upload this XML and write. No more remembering what values need to be entered where :ok_hand:


Super helpful thank you Nico! Will be loading your tunes as soon as my board is up and running. I’m sure other people have said it but this is the kind of stuff that is lowering the barrier to entry for everyone and is super needed right now.


I want to load this but have never loaded an xml or tune card from my phone ?
Would recommend I do this ?
And I hi would I do it from the mobile app

Assuming you already have a somewhat base tune (startup, faults, tiltbacks, etc. all set up properly) and don’t need one of my full configs, then you could definitely just manually copy over the values in the Tune Card visual!

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Yup have base tunes and a perfectly working board
Any change you would recommend for someone who weighs 212 lbs :sweat_smile:?

It should mostly carry over just fine, might consider stiffening the board up a tad with a lower Mahony KP like 1.9/1.8 or so, and definitely experiment with Torque Tilt strength to see what works best for you and how you like to ride.

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This worked great! Thanks Nico, my board feels perfect now except I still feel I can’t accelerate like I did with fm by pushing the nose down harder, I feel like it just levels me out quicker. Maybe its having the 84v battery? Idk, either way this just feels like a better version of delirium currently as opposed to mission, thanks for posting your card, much appreciated! And you were totally right zero vector frequency changes really how the motor feels and sounds under your feet
It felt weird and chuggy until I changed that

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This one is awesome! I had some issues with a kinda crunch/buzz noise from the motor at certain times. Nico advised trying the imu sample rate at 832 instead of 833. It seemed to fix it for me so far.


got motor configured and imu all set trying to load the nico sause and all im seeing are .xml files and its requesting .bin what am i missing?? total noob here

You’re in the wrong place, you’re where you upload custom firmware. Note that this can only be done on PC though. To load Config XML’s, drop down from File in the top left and Load Motor Configuration using the Motor XML, then same for App, and write both (down arrow A and M on right sidebar).

Hey, might be a noob question, as I just got my board rideable yesterday.
But I tired to load your App.xml, for my LFoc3.1 with V6 firmware. The board became very noisy and it sounded like it did before i had tuned the motor properly using the wizard. But all my motor parameters were unchanged.

Any idea what I may have done wrong? I’ve only loaded a few App XML’s and had mixed results, most of them do not work on my board for some reason and I have to revert back.

seems like you’re missing a setting that nicos tune doesn’t change. Maybe imu related since you have a 3.1 board. Otherwise change zero vector frequency to 28hz and lower yaw p to 0.3 and see if the noise is less

These tune cards seems to be not be for the Float Package. Would it be detrimental to load the XML files directly to the float package? or just load normally, then switch back to UART? also, if the app tune card is loaded, I see it automatically switches the app to use to balance. If I switch it back to UART, do the values automatically transfer over to the Float Package?

The App XML should not be used for the Float Package or VESC FW 6.0 in general, just follow the IMU Wizard guide if needed and start with the default settings for Float Package. The values of the included Motor XML’s still hold up but i havent actually tried loading the XML’s so i cant confirm if theyre compatible or not.