Need help contacting

UPDATE, also got a response. All good

Hi all,

I understand if this gets taken down because it isn’t really the right place for it but I am running out of options so this was worth a shot.

About 3 weeks ago I ordered a diy focer kit from makerspev but I haven’t recieved the product or any communication since. I have sent multiple emails to and but haven’t gotten any response. I just want to know the status of the order so I know it isn’t lost in the ether.

My question is does anyone here know of any other ways I can try and get in contact with makerspev? Any help is greatly appreciated.


UPDATE: Got a reply, looks like shredfest really set them behind.

I also put an order in 3 weeks ago and have not heard a peep from them. I emailed a few days ago but no response.

Hopefully they are ok and just on vacation or something.