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I’ve been asked multiple times, so I decided to create some lists of my tools, parts, & supplies I commonly use that can be easily shared/searched.

I will try to keep these lists updated.

It is very hard to make a filterable list here so I created a searchable list on my website.

Tools Parts & Supplies


I think this is a great resource. It is a little difficult to use though. I suggest a google spreadsheet instead. I think more columns and the ability to sort would be great.

Category Item Purpose Link
Fuse FUSE HLDR BLADE 32V 20A IN LINE Small fuse
Fuse FUSE AUTO 30A 58VDC BLADE MINI Small fuse
Switch IP67 SEALED PUSHBUTTON SWITCH Small latching switch
Fuse FUSE AUTO 30A 80VDC BLADE ATO Small fuse
Cable CABLE 8COND 28AWG BLACK SHLD 1M Mini cable for balance wires
Charging Voltage Boost Converter, DROK DC 8-60V to 10-120V 15A 900W To convert DC-DC
Thermal Thermal Pad 14.8 W/mK, 120x120x0.5mm(1 pcs) Thermal pad
Thermal Thermal Pad 14.8 W/mK, 120x120x1.0mm(1 pcs) Thermal pad
Connectors XLR Male Jack 3 Pin- 4 Pack To convert Onewheel XR chargers
Waterproofing Z-Block (100) 2” Wide x 60” Long, Clear Water-Blocking, Hot-Melt Tape To waterproof wire bundles
Charging DROK 60V Power Supply, AC 110V 220V to DC 0-60V 8A 480W Buck Converter, To convert AC-DC
Multimeter Hioki 3244-60 Card HiTester and Digital Multimeter Small multimeter for travel
Connector Maclan 4mm Serial Bullet Connector Connect 4mm bullet female to 4mm bullet female Maclan 4mm Serial Bullet Connector (4 pcs) - Maclan Racing Pro Shop

I don’t think it’s too bad if I were to just add a note to the top to use CTRL+F to search or on mobile use “search page”, but I agree a google sheet could be better. It’s a shame there isn’t an easier more mobile friendly sortable/database option. I’m looking into solutions for sure though. Could make this a Wiki page with the categories further broken out.

Because I can no longer edit my own post for some reason… Here is the latest searchable list on my website:

I’m still unable to edit or delete this post. It points to non-existant links and I have made a searchable list that is much cleaner that I’d like to link to.

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the post is now a Wiki, pls try again

That did it. At least now I was able to remove those broken links and put a good one in.

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