My Tools - PEVD

I’ve been asked multiple times, so I decided to create this list of my tools I commonly use that can be easily shared.

I will try to come back here and add tools/parts as I think of them or start using different stuff.

I may try to organize this better by category or priority in the future or make it filterable, but for now this is the page I’ll use.

In the future this will probably go on my website at or my website will link over to here.


Category Tool Purpose Link
Thread Repair BOSCH BTH014#0-1/4 In. T-Handle Tap Wrench used to securely hold taps to be turned by hand. (Tap threads)
Thread Repair Drill America - DWT54357 #10-32 UNF High Speed Steel Plug Tap Tap used for cleaning or making new thread on XR Rails. Footpad screws, etc.
Electronics Testing ELEGOO Upgraded Electronics Fun Kit w/ Power Supply Module, Jumper Wire, Precision Potentiometer, 830 tie-Points Breadboard Compatible with Arduino, STM32 A decent cheap kit that can be used for low voltage/low amp electronics testing
Bearing Service DASBET 14PCS Bearing Separator Puller Set 2" and 3" Splitters Remove Bearings Kit, Heavy Duty Useful for pulling bearings that have gotten stuck or bonded to the axle.
Electronics Testing KP184 DC Electronic Load Battery Capacity Tester Internal Resistance Tester Power Tester RS485/232 400W 40A Digital Display US Stock DC Load Tester. Useful for draining batteries down to a desired voltage or just general DC load testing.
Thread Repair 10 Tons Hydraulic Wire Battery Cable Lug Terminal Crimper Crimping Tool With 9 Pairs of Dies This is not an out of the box solution, but this tool can be modified in a way that it can be used for pressing replacement threaded inserts into rails and other components.
Electronics Testing IKococater DC Power Supply Variable 120V 3A with Output Switch, Adjustable Regulated Switching Bench Power Supply with 4-Digits LED Power Display, 5V/2A USB Interface, Accurate Encoder Adjustment Knob A decent and affordable bench DC power supply
Electronics Testing AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 4000 Counts with DC AC voltmeter and Auto-Ranging Fast Accurately Measures Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Temperature, Continuity, Frequency and Duty-Cycle. A decent and affordable multi-meter
Threaded Inserts Virtjoule Heat Set Insert Tips for Sizes M2, M2.5, M3, M4, and M5 - Soldering Iron Tips for 3D Printer Users, 3D Printing Accessories Compatible with Weller WES51/WESD51 Soldering Iron Soldering Iron tips designed specifically for use with brass inserts that need to be melted into 3d printed or other plastic items.
Various Assark Glue Gun, Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit with 30 Glue Sticks for School Crafts DIY Arts Quick Home Repairs, 20W (Blue) A cheap and small hot glue gun that comes with plenty of glue sticks. I prefer the smaller size when working in tight spaces.
Various Dahle Vantage 10672 Self-Healing Cutting Mat, 18"x24", 1/2" Grid, 5 Layers for Max Healing, Perfect for Crafts & Sewing, Black A cutting mat, but I also like to use this as my work surface. Makes it super easy to pick up and dump dirt and wire clippings in the trash throughout the build process. Keeping you workspace cleaner. Also good for cutting the thermal pads.
Various APEXFORGE M0 Rotary Tool Accessories Kit, 357 Pcs Accessories, 1/8"(3.2mm) Diameter Shanks, Universal Fitment for Easy Cutting, Sanding, Grinding, Sharpening, Carving, Drilling, and Engraving A decently priced assortment of Dremel attachments
Various X-ACTO Compression Basic Knife Set, Great for Arts and Crafts X-Acto knife kit. I feel this is a must have. Useful for so many things. I often use them to life the locking tabs on small JST connectors
Crimpers iCrimp IWS-3220M Micro Connector Pin Crimping Tool 0.03-0.52mm² 32-20AWG Ratcheting Crimper for D-Sub,Open Barrel suits Molex,JST,JAE Used for crimping JST terminal ends.
Crimpers iCrimp Weather Pack Crimper Tools for Delphi APTIV Packard Weather Pack Terminals Metri-Pack Connectors for Sealed Terminals Used for crimping terminal ends for molex connectors. (FM Stock 16 pin molex and 6 pin motor molex)
Bits TLEEP 10 x 1/4 Inch Hex Head Allen Wrench Drill Bits Long 100MM, 5/16” to 5/64”, SAE, Magnetic Tips Screwdriver Socket Bit Set for Ikea Type Furniture (S2 Steel 5/16 inch to 5/64 inch) Great Hex Allen set that has the sizes needed for most screws used on the XR.
Hand Tools Klein Tools JTH6E08 1/8-Inch Hex Key with Journeyman T-Handle, 6-Inch Great hex allen tool for the 1/8 inch hardware that is most common on the XR
Hand Tools Pro’sKit 1PK-9402 Hex Nut Driver Set, Yellow Metric nut driver set. The M3.5 is really the main one you need for the m3 nuts used with the flowglider box.
Bits Chiloskit 3 Flute 90 Degree HSS Chamfering Tool Bit Countersink Drill Bit Set for Metal Wood, Pack of 6pcs Chamfering bits that I use to countersink holes on additional aluminum lid plates or thicker aluminum lids/plates.
Hand Tools Starrett Steel Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable Stroke - 5-1/4" Length, 11/16" Punch Diameter, Lightweight, Knurled Steel Handle - 18C Quality center punch for various use cases. Screw extraction being one.
Soldering KOTTO Strong Suction Hose Fume Smoke Absorber for Soldering, Electric Iron Welding, 3d Printing Extractor Absorber Remover DIY Extractor Carbon or HEPA Filter [Updated, Hose pre-attached] Good for difusing fumes while soldering so you aren’t getting blasted with high concentrations right to the face
Bits Neiko 10086A 6 Point Torx Plus Bit Socket Set, 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch and 1/2-Inch Drive, TP8 - TP60, 12-Piece Torx plus bit socket set that has the bit needed for removing GT axle bolts.
Soldering Weller Digital Soldering Station - WE1010NA There many solder station options. This just happens to be the one I use.
Soldering Genuine Weller WE1010 Soldering Tip Set (ETSET-5)- ETA, ETB, ETC, ETP, TETS, 5 PCS Soldering tips that I use with my soldering station.
Measure NEIKO 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper, 0-6 Inches, Stainless Steel Construction with Large LCD Screen, Quick Change Button for Inch/Fraction/Millimeter Conversions A decent set of calipers for making small measurements.
Soldering Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun, 2 Temp Settings 750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF, Great for Soften paint, Caulking, Adhesive, Putty Removal, Shrink Wrap, Bend Plastic Pipes, Loosen Rusted Nuts or Bolts A decent heat gun that I used on a regular basis for applying heat shrink to solder connections.
Soldering Magnetic Helping Hands Third Arm Soldering Work Station, EXtra Large & Heavy Duty Base Plate, 5 Flexible Arms with Precision 360 Degree Alligator Clip A decent set of helping hands that I use when soldering.
Cleaning Holikme 4Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber Cleaning Brush Extended Long Attachment Set All Purpose Drill Scrub Brushes Kit for Grout, Floor, Tub, Shower, Tile, Bathroom Black Brushes that attach to a drill for easier cleaning of grip tape and other stuff
Various HaBeuniver 30Milliliter Precision Applicator Bottle with Blunt Tip Needle and Cap 14ga 16ga 18ga 20ga 22ga Blunt Needles Oil Dropper Bottle, Glue Applications, Acrylic Painting, 8 Pcs Various uses. I use for applying solvents or glues to small parts. Always check chemical compatibility with the bottles being used.

I think this is a great resource. It is a little difficult to use though. I suggest a google spreadsheet instead. I think more columns and the ability to sort would be great.

Category Item Purpose Link
Fuse FUSE HLDR BLADE 32V 20A IN LINE Small fuse
Fuse FUSE AUTO 30A 58VDC BLADE MINI Small fuse
Switch IP67 SEALED PUSHBUTTON SWITCH Small latching switch
Fuse FUSE AUTO 30A 80VDC BLADE ATO Small fuse
Cable CABLE 8COND 28AWG BLACK SHLD 1M Mini cable for balance wires
Charging Voltage Boost Converter, DROK DC 8-60V to 10-120V 15A 900W To convert DC-DC
Thermal Thermal Pad 14.8 W/mK, 120x120x0.5mm(1 pcs) Thermal pad
Thermal Thermal Pad 14.8 W/mK, 120x120x1.0mm(1 pcs) Thermal pad
Connectors XLR Male Jack 3 Pin- 4 Pack To convert Onewheel XR chargers
Waterproofing Z-Block (100) 2” Wide x 60” Long, Clear Water-Blocking, Hot-Melt Tape To waterproof wire bundles
Charging DROK 60V Power Supply, AC 110V 220V to DC 0-60V 8A 480W Buck Converter, To convert AC-DC
Multimeter Hioki 3244-60 Card HiTester and Digital Multimeter Small multimeter for travel
Connector Maclan 4mm Serial Bullet Connector Connect 4mm bullet female to 4mm bullet female Maclan 4mm Serial Bullet Connector (4 pcs) - Maclan Racing Pro Shop

I don’t think it’s too bad if I were to just add a note to the top to use CTRL+F to search or on mobile use “search page”, but I agree a google sheet could be better. It’s a shame there isn’t an easier more mobile friendly sortable/database option. I’m looking into solutions for sure though. Could make this a Wiki page with the categories further broken out.