My board is not level - how to fix that?

QUESTION: My board seems to be running nose high. What value can i adjust to lower the nose?


  1. Make sure your IMU is fully calibrated - see this video: IMU Calibration - Youtube
    PC required, mobile calibration is limited

  2. Once your IMU calibration is perfect (your board rides equal in both directions, even after doing a quick 180) then you can tune your nose position in Balance - Tune Modifiers

  • Constant tiltback lifts/lowers your nose as you desire, similar to custom shaping in XR
  • But you can also do variable (speed-based) nose tilting so your nose lifts as you get faster and then tops out it 1 or 2 degrees

But it’s best to start with a well tuned IMU or else your board won’t be symmetrical, i.e. riding switch will feel different than riding regular