Motor crunch when accelerating

While doing some testing on the GTV last night at Shred Shed, it seems that the motor is giving some strange crunch when accelerating. Not always, you have to lean into the acceleration a little bit to get the crunch, but I’m hoping someone might have some insight as to what this might be. Nico was also able to feel it as well and may be able to describe it a bit more technically but here is the motor xml for that board.

anyone have any ideas of what i can change to help fix this crunch?

gtaccelerationmotorcrunch.xml (10.4 KB)

I did have that several times last day on the trails pushing it hard, and I think it didn’t happened at 15s, I’m not sure because when I noticed it was at 19s and in a more power demanding trail than other times at 15s. I do have a long log, around 40 mb, I was expecting to see huge currents and a error, but was not the case for both. For me it sounds the same as when you hit a soft voltage cutoff, but my settings and the log indicates that it wasn’t the issue. If anyone what to see that log, send a pm. Cuz I don’t think I can upload 40mb here.

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This fix for this for mine was raising motor resistance in Motor > FOC > general up to 104 and its all gravy, baby.

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As an aside, for my superflux I had to drop the motor resistance to somewhere between 30 & 50 and the crunching on acceleration went away. No issues during braking, go figure.