Motor config detects "sensorless"...also board just shoots off when engaged

Hi all, I’ve been following along for a while now, finally have my components: Pre built MakerPEV lilFoCr, stock xr harness, stock xr motor and battery.
Followed SurfDado’s motor config video and at the end got “sensorless” to show vs hall sensor.
followed through to imu tune, looked good, went to test and the board shoots off when engaged (in the forward direction though, so thats good??)
any help would be appreciated. thanks

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Did you try to invert motor direction?

yes, invert motor detection just changes my wheel spin orientation. still having issues with motor detection saying “sensorless” vs hall sensor while using hypercore motor…
everything else checks out.
tested SurfDado’s settings, Max’ and Nico and all are not ridable unforturnately. so i’m guessing its a hall sensor issue…

Guys - can you please submit two posts if you have two entirely unrelated issues?

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A pre-built MakerPEV box would have allowed you to start riding even without running the wizard.

Did you follow their instructions? Did you make a backup?

I tested it right from factory, didnt run smoothly at all. Created a back up and just in case rewrote all parameters as per their guide.
Tested, loud high pitch oise no movement.
Ran through all your videos for setting up the motor config and app settings. Motor moved but not ridable.
Every motor setup detection comes out as sensorless. All other parameters are great on the wizard.

Thanks for your reply

Guess you might need to open the box and see if the hall sensor wires are plugged in. Is this a known good working hub?

I suggest you restore the backup, and start again - that’ll at least fix the board shooting off. And for hall sensors, make sure you plugged it in right - it’s reversed from the FM onewheels! Hall sensor plug is adjacent to motor plug!

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I remember this occurring to me. Ended up redoing the motor detection and making sure the motor and app settings were written correctly to the board.

When connected to the board can you see the footpad voltage changing when you apply pressure?

It was a spare that i had to rewire, so the hub may very be the issue. Will to known working hub with MakersPEV presets back on Vesc app and motor and see.

Yes i can see the voltage changing (using platysense so single zone only) if its single zone sensor do i need to change any vesc app settings? Im assuming thisbwouldnt be my issue though with the sensorless detection.

Update, Motor config not detecting Hall sensors is fixed. swapped with known working motor and works fine.
i will create new post RE: board shooting off. thank you for all the help.


Hi, i have a similar problem…

When I engage the board in level it holds the level for a few seconds and then shoots off.
When I engage the board from ground it shoots off immediately.

anyone had a idea?


Ps. hall sensors was detected.

On motor detection did it detect hall sensors? If yes, your issue is most likely the orientation of the controller and adjusting the yaw offset to eithe 90 or 180

This is an IMU issue with the IMU Rotation Yaw, should be 90° for a Little FOCer v3.1. Check out my guide where I cover this, starting at 3:56

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did you determine the issue with the other motor that was only being detected as sensorless?

i’m having the same issue and have tried testing the hall sensors directly, but they appear to be dead, DMM is showing solid 3.3v when motor is turned and 3.3v applied.

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you did this?

yes. Hypercore motor, connected 5v and tested with multimeter GND <> hall signal. getting solid 5v always, while spinning motor

is this expected if sensors are dead?

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