Momentary switch not shutting lilfocer off?

This could be a very basic question but I’ve been stuck on it for the last couple hours. I have rewired my momentary switch to the 3 pin jst that is designed to be used for the switch on the lilfocer. I am wanting to use the blue wire from the fm bms so that the it can still shut off the board after inactivity. When I power the board with the momentary switch everything powers on and works well but the momentary switch will not power off the board. I have triple checked that I have everything wired correctly but I could be overlooking something simple. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

The FOCer doesn’t work with a momentary switch, I believe it is powered on when the circuit is open. Does the board power down while you are holding the button pressed?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to let the FM BMS manage the power, I am not sure how you are trying to set that up, but in general you’re putting yourself at risk of a cutout by discharging through the FM BMS.