Moderators wanted! Help us with creating the best resource for VESC tutorials!

Most of us will recall out first steps in the VESC community trying to find all the resources and information as it is scattered throughout various platforms such as the VESC FB Groups or buried in Discord chats.

We all can recall how difficult it usually is to find that one missing setting for a board that just won’t run properly or find that STL file that was posted somewhere 6 months ago in a comment.

And we want to change that!

Our goal is to consolidate all the crucial tutorials for new members entering the space but also for seasoned developers and builders.

And for that we need your help!

If you want to give back to the community, you can join of Moderator Team and help us to create a solid structure for expert VESC users and developers to share their knowledge with the community.

If you are interested, just reply to this post!


Hi there! I’m no expert by any means, but I’m happy to provide some sweat equity to produce materials to help consolidate current VESC knowledge. In fact, I already dipped my toe in by consolidating the HELP blurbs from the VESC Tool into one Google Doc, and I was thrilled to see Nico included it as a “cheat sheet” on the Changelog post:


Heya! I’d love to become a mod here to help out where I can! I built one of the first vesc pints at the end of 2021 i developed the first vesc pint mount that allows you to mount a ubox75 to a pint enclosure while only removing two standoffs and i have also helped countless people vesc their boards over on the vescify discord server where i’m a mod, i’d love to help in the same way over here :slight_smile: