LED lights on Little FOCer v3.1 - Buck Boosters?

Hi there!

Question: Why can’t you use the 5v rail on the FOC 3.1 board to power LED lights?

I have read that the power output on the 5v rail is not consistent in either voltage or amps to power LED lights.
I have also read that LED lights would pull too much current from the 5v rail, placing a toll on the FOC, leading to unusual/risky FOC behavior.

I do not know if what I have read is accurate, or if it’s anecdote. Can someone here confirm?

See below for my thoughts on how to get this to work, and please let me know of any potential problems or hazards of doing it this way.

If the 5v rail is delivering inconsistent voltage and amperage, couldn’t you just wire in a 5v buck booster to level out the power?

FOC 3.1 5v rail:

Adafruit Buck Booster:
Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 12.16.36 PM

Adafruit Buck Booster
“DC/DC boost converter module can run from 1.8V batteries or higher, and convert that voltage to 5.2V DC for running your 5V projects.”

Wouldn’t the buck booster stabilize the output of the 5v rail and power the LEDs? I’ve tested the buck booster with batteries from 1.8v through to 3.7v, and it works great.

Any thoughts?


Unfortunately the 5V supply current is weak. 250mA is considered a safe amount for it

I used the Ugland 5V power supply and WLED VESC controller on my GTV using stock lights until I mak a set of SK6812 lights.

If you need help wiring it up I’m glad to assist.