Leash based sensor

I have used a leash for snowskating for years. Sometimes it’s annoying but not terrible once you get used to it. Sensors have always been the most problematic part of onewheels and their design to date IMO. GT took that to a new level. This seems better, can’t wait to try it.

The leash could also be attached to your belt/waist for people that want to be able to do tricks or otherwise let the board get away from you a bit. That might be awkward and pressure based sensors are just better for trick riding. But for trail riding, either your magnet is clipped in or it’s not, and you will know which state it’s in, either visually or by tension/distance from the board. This seems like a superior design for trail riding to me.

Shout out Billy Shredder and Jon Troglio for figuring this out!

Parts link:


your link says NC or Normally closed switch type. Isn’t ADC footpad input normally open?

that is the link from that vid

I think it will work OK for trails. I changed my front footpad to use discrete switches instead of pressure membrane and I have found it to work much better. I expect a couple issues with the leash. One, it can get caught on brush. This is an occasional problem for my VnR backpack cable. Second, it will be a little awkward to stop and start again. I think it is a solid idea overall. Easy to switch out with a standard footpad.

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Agreed on the brush and start/stop. I saw someone had a series of switches/magnets under the footpad on fb, but sounds like they gave up on it. I would love to see details on the discrete switches you have tried. Sensors suck! haha

@QCFOC I have not purchased parts or tried this yet. Hit up ‘@vanlife_troglio’ on ig and he should be able to help.

If that’s not something that can be rewired to be normally closed, it could just be handled in firmware no problem. Already plan on doing this for someone who has the same issue with their setup, where the logic for 3.3V and 0V ADC needs to be flipped.


Here’s a couple switches I have been designing around. Sealed Touch Pad, Pendant Switch

I like the action of the pendant switch better. It is clicky like a mouse but it is bulky and difficult to design around. The sealed touch pad is small and much flatter but it does not have the crisp action of the pendant switch.