Kloggs Build Log

Working on a build and I thought I would document the progress here. I intend to interact with the community over on discord but ultimately am looking for feedback.

Parts are as follows:

  • Fungineers Superflux (in inventory)

  • Fungineers Thunder Rails (in inventory)

  • Fungineers Stompies (in inventory)

  • 19s2p Molicell P45B (in inventory)

  • Ennoid XLITE V3 (ordered)

  • Little FOCer Rev3.1 (in inventory)

  • 3D Printed Battery Boxes and Bumpers (for now at least)

    • Battery Box Prototype Printed

My current wiring diagram is as follows:

I dont like the cable glands and would rather plugs for each end. I cannot find any that make sense.

Questions I am working on:

  1. 19 or 18 cells.
  2. Will Ennoid fit in the fungineers 3D Printed box with 19s2p?
  3. What tire for primarily street (non slick)

Next steps to come:

  • Order battery building supplies

Spent some time thinking about building a pack today. 19s2p, as I should have considered earlier, would be difficult to build. Here is my plans for an 18 cell pack and the Ennoid. 19 cells may not be worth the effort and annoyance of wiring…

I really like the battery build practices illustrated in this figure (Credit: 20s2p VESC Onewheel Battery Build — The Board Garage):

Note the balance taps come off on the negative side of the cell so if there is some short or rub thru that develops from the soldering, it is not an issue. This builder accomplishes this with 30mm wide strip that he cuts … I would like to do this, but need to find a source that doesn’t require me to drop 60 bucks on strip. Recommendations?


Picked up my batteries a few months back. I grabbed 40 x INR-21700-P45B’s and all the construction components I need to build a pack. Here are some photos. Each cell was measured at 3.51 volts.

I also purchased and built a Malectrics spot welder, assembled it, and found a compatible battery. I am looking to get started building my pack as I have everything I think i need.

  • 0.2mm nickel strip
  • Fish Paper
  • Balance Taps
  • Kapton tape of various widths

I will share more soon.