Issues setting up Thor300

New setup with THOR300 - Behaving weird
I have just set up one of my XR’s with the new Funwheel aluminum box/Thor300 Controller. Hypercore Motor. Newest Thor300 4.0 firmware, newest float pkg (1.3 i think). 15s2P battery w/ Molicel P42A cells. Board will balance, but is REALLY loose & slow to respond. Once balanced, the nose/tail almost have to touch the ground before the board moves in either direction. Also, while balanced, the motor makes some pretty bad knocking/clunky noises. These same noises are also heard when the motor engages, or braking engages…especially when testing on the workbench. I have gone through & checked virtually every setting on VESCtools & have everything set the same as my other board that is running (flawlessly) on a LittleFOCer 3.1 I have tried various presets that I use with my other board in the Float Control App with no resolve…At this point I have yet to get it to ride correctly. Hopefully you have some suggestion?

I had the same issue with the cast box and Thor 300. It was very loose and slow responding, not ridable but did balance. I first did not update float pkg because the box/Thor came with the latest version. After looking into all setting I went into Packages - Update Archive and Installed the Float pkg again. This did the trick on my board, full power:) (float settings reset when doing this). The knocking sounds you have, is probably something else. Check all the hub bolts and do the motor detection with float pkg disable. I actually also had some clunking noise, this was the hub bolts bottom out the adapters and did not tightened. I put a washer on the bolt to fix this.

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