Is there something like Surestart on VESC?

is there any option kinda like surestart to have posi time out for just activation? I mean posi on start up then dual zone afterwards so you could heel stop? Or is that only possible with hardware?

Answer: “Simple Start”


The Simple Start implementation in the Float Package is very simple, so there’s no separate timer for it - but basically it lets you engage with a single sensor but then disengage is immediately based on your normal settings. So if you got a lazy sensor and you startup really slowly and your half-fault timeout is only 200ms then it will turn back off after 200ms if you didn’t cross the fault-fault erpm threshold in that time

So as long as you start and go right away then it’ll be the same as Surestart but if you start and hover in place for a second it may turn back off on you, depending on your sensors and your half fault timeout setting.


Sure start is not a good option to have enabled during setup or on the bench: it lets you accidentally engage your board with a single finger… So it’s now disabled by default!