IOS 16.1.2 - Float Control App frequent BLE communication dropouts

I have had an issue with the Float Control app frequently stopping communication while riding. The app will freeze and not update until I disconnect from the BLE adapter and reconnect. I am currently using the Flipsky BT module as recommended and it works well with no connection issues while sitting idle. It seems like the connection drops after I start rolling. The app will occasionally reconnect and update, but more often than not it requires a disconnect and reconnect to start working again. Is there any logging data I can look at to find the culprit? I know there isn’t much I can do to tweak BLE settings in IOS. I also wondered if it was possibly dirty 5V power going to the Flipsky. If so, would a decoupling capacitor on the 5V going to the BLE module help?

It may not be the app itself, other people don’t report such issues
try it with the VESC Mobile App and see if that also disconnects in the same way

Essentially it might be that your BLE module is the problem. See if you can move it further away from the phase wires

I figured it was probably something EMI related, because it seemed to only happen when I start rolling. I will try just using the VESC tool app to see if I get the same result. If so, do you think a small filtering capacitor would help on the 5v going to the BT module? Someone also mentioned on the VESC Builder FB group that it might be necessary to leave the phone screen on by turning off screen auto lock while Float Control is running to keep the connection going.

BTW Thank you Surfdado for all the work you do for the community! Looking forward to when you set up the Pro unlock so we can start sending you some $$$$! :laughing: