Install the V3/V4 sensor on a Kush Hi (NO GHOST)

After being advised by a rider I bought my first board. I traveled a few kilometers and the comfort was not there. I decide to change the rear pad and some time later the front to gain comfort but I need to change the front sensor to get the best results. Tatan and Frédéric DV provided very good advice. The result is there, I share this howto with you. May he benefit you. The only advice I can give you is patience, don’t skip ahead and the ghost effect will be annihilated.

The link to the howto:



Mate this is good stuff and very detailed!.. I would also just like to add, don’t freak out if you do realise your board is ghosting, it might be salvageable.

After installing some foam grip tape on top of the sensor on my kush wides, I actually epoxied the edges so it would not lift and give the foamies some protection from damage from bumps. After expoxying, it ghosted badly. What I realised was that the expoxy was probably trapping some air. Poked some holes in the grip tape and used heat and massaged that air our from the center to the sides and it has been good ever since.

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Hi Tiztrain, thank you for your comment. I see two problems that may arise with your advice.
The problem of the chemical reaction with the epoxy resin and the different materials on which you place it. (burning, acidity (cold fusion) risk of perforation which will render your pad unusable if you dismantle it).
Polyurethane resins are softer.
The second you create a very good occlusive environment, but if you create a depression by making a jump for example between the different materials they will move apart and the air will no longer be able to escape by the weight of the foot and therefore expelled by mechanical effect. But if you find your way, that’s the main thing :wink:

amazing tutorial, I could have used that few weeks ago when I installed my sensor which is now ghosting like a b*tch.

@Zaqen can you unlock the PDF so that it can be downloaded and/or printed? currently the document is locked.

Hi Rlyyy,
I thank you for your comment. You can redo the installation of your sensor by taking the time to gently peel it off.

As for the blocking of printing, it is because I am against the use of paper. This is my contribution to saving the earth. :blush:

Cheers :call_me_hand:t2:

Can you at least unblock downloading? :wink:

When I add other modifications. This document is alive and you will always be informed of the latest changes here everyone. When I have some time I plan to write it directly online in HTML. You can then make it your own. Thank you for your support. :+1:t2:

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How difficult would it be to replace the griptape with this method? Do you anticipate that the sensor glue backing is significantly stronger than the griptape glue backing?

No particular method done as for the original FM sensor and assembly. The V3/V4 sensors also have plastic protection (if that’s what you fear when changing grips). Heat and peel. The important thing is to do the work carefully and there is no reason for it to go wrong :blush:. Is the glue stronger on the sensor or grip side? It all depends on the manufacturer and the glue used. I can’t tell you what the fracture measurement and shear tests were carried out in the manufacture of the various accessories.Thank you for your question which is very relevant :+1:t2:. If you fear takeoff after your completion you can use and add an additional plastic film stuck between the sensor and the grip (like for FM which uses up to 4 layers) but this is not necessary.

The 4 layers of FM plastics from 2021 before (to be confirmed) 2 were used.