Imu false on Tronic 250r with hyper core

Hi there, this is my first post in the community. I hope I am doing thing right. I am building my first DIY VESC …my ADV Pro is not a real DIY build in my opinion. I have set everything up and the motor detection is fine on the Vesc tool, also the motor runs fine when I use the controls form the Vesc tool. … now I want to go the next step and calibrate my IMU…did this process on the ADV pro without a problem… but I get FALSE detection in the IMU wizard. well there I am stuck … The Vesc tool is the newest version. the Firmware of the Tronic 250r is 5.03…what I think is also the latest available

would be great if someone could have a quick fix

Pretty sure you already determined your IMU is broken, didn’t you? You should ask Tronic for a replacement unit

we found out that I was stupid enough to leave the tropics on 5.03 firmware. I had to update it… I knew that… but on his website there was no firmware update available. GitHub was not familiar to me . Now I got it working (the imu)… but my hall sensor goes crazy. maybe I have destroyed it by having the footpad und Hall sensor being plugged in on each other wrong plug. I don’t know how to track the problem