IMU Calibration Issues (Manual Pitch/Roll Values)

HW: lil FOCer 3.0

Has anyone had an experience where an IMU calibration will return crazy pitch/roll values and after hitting apply and write app config the board basically believes it’s either rolled 25-60 degrees and pitch is off by anywhere from 20-50 degrees?

The motor direction is reversed (so I set it to inverted) and the IMU thinks it’s upside down by default. The only way I have been able to get it to work and show correct in the IMU real time display is to put 0 in roll/yaw and 180 in pitch manually. After setting these values it appears that it might be functioning as expected… I just don’t understand why the IMU calibration is so far off on this one.

To be clear I have calibrated a separate lil FOCer 3.1 and didn’t run into anything other than having to set the yaw offset to (-/+)90 degrees.

The only way I can get the IMU real time data to look correct on this specific lilFOCer 3.0 is when I set roll to 0 and pitch to 180 manually after running and applying IMU calibration.

I can reproduce this and plan to add either pics or video of what I’m seeing to make it more clear, but wanted to get this thread started in case anyone has seen this behavior.

I had something similar. I couldn’t get the pitch and yaw values to settle when I did the calibration on Android. I do seem to get sane values when I do it via usb on the PC though.