I made my first feature! Sticky Input Tilt for your remote


I’m having so much fun! My first feature allows you to use your remote to set a persistent nose up and nose down angle. To reset the angle to zero your just push your throttle in the opposite direction for a moment.

Description of Behavior

The persistent (sticky) nose up and nose down angle is currently hard coded to 3 degrees. It engages as the throttle is traveling back to the center position. If it passes through the sticky value, it will stay at that value.

For example, you nose up 10 degrees and release the throttle back to center. The nose will stick to 3 degrees up even as the throttle rests at the center position. If you push the throttle nose up again, the angle will not engage further until 3+ degrees.

If you then push the throttle nose down, you only need to do so for a split second to reset the board angle back to zero from the nose up sticky value. The same is true if you are nose down. Push the throttle nose up to reset. It only needs to be for an instant so you can just flick the throttle.


This is for trail riding specifically. My typical trail rides are not as dynamic as a pump track or skate park, but I live somewhere pretty mountainous. 4,000ft of elevation change is not unusual for my rides so I spend a good amount of time on steep uphill or downhill grades. I like riding those at 5-6 degrees nose up/down.

ATR has been great for providing the angle I want but I find at times giving ATR that much range can have some undesirable effects for me. I would like to reduce the range of ATR to 2-3 degrees and keep the reactions quick and short to stiffen the board. This will give me the feedback I like from ATR and handle gradual uphill and downhill. For steep uphill and downhill, I then engage sticky input tilt. And for obstacles and extreme downhill I can use the remote to push the angle to 10-15 degrees.

My Setup

I’m using the Hoyt puck. I like the profile and simplicity. I am designing a holder so I can keep it on the shoulder strap of my backpack. I don’t want to have to hold it all the time.

I use 10 to 15 degrees of max input tilt and 20-40 degrees/sec ramp. I have tried this up to 60 degrees/sec and it still works but it gets pretty wild so prepare yourself. At this ramp rate you have to flick the throttle very quickly to reset or else you can just ping pong back and forth between -3 and 3. I don’t find this to be a problem under 40 degrees/sec.


To inspect and compile my code yourself: GitHub - Izzygit/IzzFloat: My personal changes to the VESC Float Package
To get precompiled code IzzFloatArchive/ at main · Izzygit/IzzFloatArchive · GitHub

I’m calling my package IzzFloat just for the sake of keeping my personal changes separate, not to take credit. I imagine my changes might not make it to the main package but I will want to keep all my personal tweaks up to date.


Let me know if you give it a try or if you have any questions. It is pretty safe since it is a very simple change.

I am happy to change the sticky angle for you if you would like a different pre-compiled package. Just let me know.


Wow, great job! I like that you put some thought into package naming/versioning - this should be the model for anyone to follow creating their own package variants!


I was thinking this would be a great idea for trail riding, you’re nailing it! Well done!