Hub motor options - spintend 3000W

I am looking at options for a hub motor. Ideally, I would like to avoid having to build rails; I would like tire options, and I would like a motor that will be recognized by VESC 6.0. At this time, it looks like superflux or a used FM motor are the most common choices. I saw spintend has a 3000W hub motor for significantly less than the superflux. Has anyone used this? Would I be able to use XR sized tires? Would I be able to use XR rails? Will Vesc 6 recognize this motor? Am I missing other potential problems?

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To me, this seems like a motor made for a scooter, not one for self-balancing application.

It will lack low-speed torque, but you can try request some datasheet to confirm it.

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I have decided to try out this 3000w motor in the kit which includes foot pad, spintend vesc, all needed cables and adaptors.
Ill be using a custom battery pack that can deliver around 3400w and 80amp bms that im getting from aliexpress. If i can adapt the battery pack to fit the OG trotter aluminium case im using as my base rig. The size of the 3000w motor fits nicely to replace the trotter 700w hub which is more likely only 500w.
This 3000w hub has 30 poles and hopefully can produce good torque at low rpms. I dont see why jt wouldnt. Its grunty enough and the vesc will do the rest.

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Please let us know if it works!

Yes i will post photos and progress of the build. It will take about a month before im ready to test. Waiting on parts now.

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Hi, how did you get on with the 3000w motor from spintend, I’m thinking of getting the pack 9 kit which includes everything inc 85v ubox vesc. Would be interested to know, thanks carl

Hi, did you use the spintend 3000w motor? Interested in building a diy one wheel myself

I found a deal on an XR. I am still following this though, as I still want to make a vesc, and would like a bit more power then the Hypercore. One thing I could not figure out is whether you can even make this motor work with XR rails.

Ah well, still trying to find out if the motor will work, doesn’t seem like many are using the higher power one