How to perform Accelorometer Calibration (with VESC v6.2)

If you have the following issues, you might need an Accelerometer Calibration:

  • Nose drop issues on curbs
  • Nose goes up down after tight U-turns


  • Your Board, d’oh :wink:
  • A free hand to move the board around
  • VESC Tool 6.2 (latest version)
  • VESC Firmware on board (no need to update to latest version, but should be 6.x)
  • A working configuration, IMU should already be calibrated, i.e. if you slowly ride forward and backward the board should be equally level

Steps for Accelerometer Calibration:

Follow this video by @surfdado

:warning: Do not forget the “Backup Config” part to save your current configuration (1:40 in the Video)