How to make board/nose/tail stiffer, avoid taildrags

Starting with any tune you like you can make the board stiffer like this:

In Float Control:

  1. Use the aggressiveness slider
  2. Use the nose stiffness / tail stiffness slider

In Floaty:

TBD - someone please fill in

In Float Cfg (Vesc App)

  1. increase Tune: P (more than 30 doesn’t produce great resuls) - affects nose and tail
  2. decrease Tune: Mahony kp (less than 1.8 may make the board too stiff for many) - affects nose and tail
  3. increase Tune Modifiers: Torquetilt strength
  • TT strength accel for nose stiffness
  • TT strength regen for tail stiffness


  • Small changes go a long way
  • Use the +/- buttons to get an idea of how much to change things by
  • Read the “help”