How to load new firmware

  1. Backup
  2. Load Firmware (Custom File tab)*
  3. Restore

Do it from the PC, not from the phone if at all possible. This way you can save/load XML files in addition to doing the backup/restore thing.

CAREFUL: Because you pick a custom file you have to make sure you pick a file matching your exact hardware version. LFOCv3 requires LFOCv3 firmware, not LFOC firmware!

Also, apparently on Android phones you can do it too (Hannes has been doing that all the time) but on iPhone Apple doesn’t give you a way to save/load a firmware .bin file…*

How to tell whether the firmware download worked?
If you’re not sure if you have loaded the firmware successfully then go to the last realtime screen in your mobile app before riding the board for the first time and look for the loop time value. If you see a number close to 1000us then you’re either still running a stable version or one of the versions like V3 or earlier.

What you should see instead with V4 or newer, or with ATR firmware is a revision number, e.g. 4 for V4 or 13 for ATR.

I’ve messed this up a few times. Just to elaborate further:

  1. backup settings - This backs up your motor/app configurations, not your firmware! If you’re feeling paranoid, save motor and app configs files to your computer in the pc app too (under top left files tab). This is in the case you can’t locate the backup files in your phone.

  2. load firmware - make sure it is fully loaded and wait at least 10 seconds before operating the board. Check in bottom left corner of the pc app that you have the correct firmware.

  3. restore - this will restore your motor/app configs. I always thought this was associated with firmware, but it’s not! If you make any additional mods to motor or app configs, make sure you WRITE for the associated motor or app category! On the far right side there are buttons A and M, and there is a write button for each one.

Hope this helps save some of you some confusion and/or headaches!

backup files cannot be located - you just hit “restore” and the VESC app will find the backup on its own, but there is merit in having XML files with a name describing your “tune”/configuration.

Gotcha, just to confirm you should backup and restore both from the phone correct?

lol, does my original post mention the phone at all???

Phone backups are good if you’re out in the field making changes and playing with settings and fuck up your ride, then you use your phone to restore your settings.

When loading your firmware you should use your PC anyway, so you might as well backup and restore on the PC too… but in the end it doesn’t matter at all where you do your backup/restore from.

I always use my phone for firmware upgrades. If you know where to find the correct .bin file on the phone there’s no problem at all to do it like that.

  1. Backup
  2. Upload new Firmware
  3. Restore

looks like it works on Android, but Apple doesn’t think you can handle .bin files haha