How to create CSV logs

One of the most important troubleshooting tools is CSV logs. CSV are simply “Comma Separated Value” text files that can be loaded into any spreadsheet tool, or also into the VESC Tool desktop app.

  1. Where to find it
    Bottom of the screen on the first page of the mobile app

  2. Initial Setup
    You have to select a folder that you can access from your email or other apps, so make sure you pick one that’ll work. You also may need to give the app permission to write files / to that folder

  3. How to enable/write
    Check the checkbox to start, uncheck to end/close the file, check again to start a new file

Pro tip: keep the files short, try not to log for endless minutes it’ll only make the files huge and harder to find the problem, at the minimum stop the logging right after a problem happens

  1. How to interpret/use
    Once you send the file to a PC you can either open it in Excel/OpenOffice/GoogleSheets and then graph any of the columns.

For many it may be easier to open the file in the VESC Tool, just look for “Log Analysis” on the left/bottom and then look for the “OpenCSV” button

You can only create CSV logs from the mobile apps, you can only view/analyze CSV files on the PC app!

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Awesome! So you have no issues with finding a common folder on your iPhone?

Great write up. Very helpful. Thanks!!

no problem at all - select the Documents folder to write to, then in the iPhone file browser (e.g. when attaching an email) look for the VESC tool app and there you find the CSV files

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