Help with applying Vesc to my 4208 XR with CBXR

Hey there y’all
I’m looking to vesc my 4208 XR with CBXR pack. The latest buzz back update screwed me out of valuable range I want back. I’m new to all of this so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. What hardware is necessary to buy is mostly where I need help. Thank you all.

Well the biggest part will simply be to replace the controller.
I will give you the one I prefer: LFOC 3.1 (or little focer 3.1), with a floatbox, and custom harness.

You could go with a cheap focer 3, and keep the FM harness, but from my experience, I had (maybe still have) some issues with the reliability of the cheap focer.

Check out makers PEV, and Floatboxx website. You will need pretty much everything besides controller and box, meaning a harness, push buttons, connectors etc. I don’t recommend the 3D printed box.

You’ll find plenty of guides on how to connect everything up, it’s not that hard, just take your time.

I’d say the trickiest part would be the BMS. There are also wiring diagrams available here regarding how to connect the FM BMS, but keep in mind that it is a black box: nobody knows really what’s going on. You could opt for a 15S BMS, dumb or smart. but then I believe the balancing wire connection would have to be remade (I might be wrong).