GT LEDs into XR size build

Hello, I’m working on a 18s2p VESC running a little FOCer and I’m hoping to add LEDs at some point. I’m hoping to ad some GT LED lights from Future motion since my understanding is that they are significantly brighter than the XR LEDs. I’ve got a couple of questions if anyone can help me out that would be great:

  1. Will the GT LEDs fit into an XR size controller and battery box?
  2. What is required to get LEDs running?
  3. I know that LEDs in VESC boards are still being ironed out but I’m interested on what resources or options are out there and links would be great!

Thanks everyone!

  1. Probably
  2. Im pretty sure the GT lights can run off 12V supply voltage- either this is provided by the controller (ie. ubox) or you need to step down the main battery pack voltage using a buck converter and switch it on/off using a high side switch tied to the 5V signal of the controller (ie. lfocer)
  3. the information is out there but you’ll need to dig for it… A lot of people chose Ubox controller for the included 12V rail. Others like myself use a Lfocer to enable a high side switch that turns on a buck converter that steps down the main battery pack voltage to power the lights + the LED controller. 3 extra components are needed in this case - the high side switch, the buck converter, and the LED controller which can be an arudino nano or a esp8266. I get my high side switches from VXWheel, i get my buck converters from Aliexpress and the esp8266/nanos from Amazon. The high side switch is basically a relay controlled by a mosfet to isolate the buck converter from idle current draw when the board is off. Some people use a buck converter with an enable pin instead of a high side switch. that’s about it…
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This is very helpful. Thank you!