Foccer shows mosfet temp -140°

So finishing up my first build, I have gotten everything set up. Watching RT data, it shows the mosfet temp fluculating between -140° and -160°
I have contacted makerspev via email and have not heard anything back yet.
Is there anything that I can look for to make sure that I did not mess anything up?

It’s unlikely to be a firmware issue, but maybe worth re-flashing the firmware to be safe? If you do, backup before and restore after. But yeah, unlikely to be firmware, and nothing configuration wise would affect it, so almost certainly a hardware issue with the controller. Hopefully MakersPEV gets back to you and gets you fixed up.

That was the first thing that I have done when installing everything. Its to the 6.2 (or .02) with still no change. Unfortunately I bought it back in august and just am now able to get everything acquired and together so there is no warranty anymore. He said that he would come up with a couple things to give me to look at and test, but I have not heard anything else back. I know he is out with a torn ACL and has surgery coming up next week. So I’m assuming he is dealing with that at the moment.

I have not heard anything back from them since a couple days ago. Do you have anything i ahould check or look for?

Just a wild guess here, but is it possible something is wired backwards?

Found resistor R2 is bad. Im waiting to get the address to send it in for repair.