Floatwheel waterproofing tips and experiences

So, this stunt cost @surfdado his board. From what I know, his motor cable short-circuited.

I am not up to riding in water, but I would like to ride in wet weather or in rain and not being afraid that my boar will die.

Let’s gather here experience with waterproofing and create a sort of manual.


Recently teared down my board. From what I can tell cable glands are too big for a 7mm cable. I’ve seen on a Discord some guys are replacing these cable glands completely, but me personally just filled existing cable glands with a flowable silicone from the inside (you need to disassemble both battery and controller compartments in order to do that but nothing too crazy). Also siliconed front and back lights, footpad lights and gaps between footpads and mini-fenders.

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What specifically did you silicone with the footpad?

several things
first of all i took off front footpad and put thin layer of silicone (very thin, maybe half of a milimeter) around battery level lights
while assembling all parts back I siliconed a gap between front footpad and front minifender
and then on top of that put a thin layer (maybe a 1mm) of silicone on top of battery level lights

there was roumors that battery level lights could be NOT waterproof so i decided to put some extra effort on that zone

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And yeah i forgot to mention that I used transparent flowable flexible silicone (which is used to seal car windows or smth) so you actually can put it on top of lights and it will let light go through. Also it can be easily disassembled

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Oh yep sorry I think you meant you did something with the actual footpad and not the cover of the controller box. I think I am covered. Followed all the information in the discord waterproof log. Need to put all that information up on here :slight_smile:

@surfdado do you know if/when Tony is actually planning to address those issues and make the next batch of floatwheels actually waterproof?

sorry, no idea - I don’t get the impression that it’s actually a priority for him atm. He’s got his hands full with the new BMS and the stronger ESC as far as I can tell

Could you share the discord waterproof log link?

Basically everything in this video: