Floatwheel ADV - ADV PRO 3d Printed Custom Parts (free STLs)

Hello Guys,
we’re finally here, after weeks spent modeling I can finally share with this incredible community full of talented, brilliant and crazy kids the work I’ve done so far.

I also want to give my contribution to the community by making my know-how and skills available, and by sharing some of my designs in .stl format for free.

I have prepared several models to 3D print for the Floatwheel ADV - ADV Pro including accessories, updated parts and parts intended to solve some problems of the original parts. I will definitely be uploading others that are currently works in progress.

The parts currently online are the following:






In every link there is a detailed description indicating the purpose of each component and printing tips.

I have chosen to create a brand (at the moment it is just a personal container) which has the intention of developing Additive Manufacturing components by drawing the best performance from technology.

Good fun!! Let me know in your comments or directly on printables your experience of printing and use with these components, so that we can improve them if necessary.

Your opinion would also be welcome, thanks to all!


Amazing work Angelo! I’m printing these ASAP and I’ll let you know how they turn out!

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Thank you so much @Andyv

Update 22/10/2023: added folders with models with NO HANDLE for RAILGUARDS

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hey! these are awesome. any chance you can adapt this: Onewheel GT Mini Dolly by notsonpham - Thingiverse

for the ADV? I have to lug this thing through grand central station, and it’s difficult with a messed up elbow :frowning:


Yes, i suppose it’s feasible. Need to work on that.

Meantime, added the Floatwheel vertical stand on printables:


amazing! thanks! can’t wait to get printing all of these :smiley:

I hurt my shoulder from carrying the wheel :confused:

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