Float Package Lights Control

Mitch created LED support for new controllers like FOCstrot, LittleFOCer4 and Thor300- coming in Float Package v1.4

How to configure lights

Config options

  • headlights brightness
  • headlights brightness idle [MISSING NOW]
  • headlights mode riding
  • headlights mode idle
  • status brightness
  • status bar mode

Setup options

  • led type: none, rgb, rgbw
  • status count
  • forward count
  • rear count


Someone please fill this in…


  • State awareness:
    ** Show light pattern when float package is disabled (e.g. 1-2 center red LEDs on each light bar)
    ** Show light pattern in handset mode (e.g. 1-2 center yellow LEDs on each light bar, still show footpad pattern when pressed)
    ** Go wild during flywheel mode
    ** Show error code on VESC fault
    ** Status bar blinking in tiltback situations?

  • Allow adjusting of headlight idle brightness

  • Allow choosing headlight mode for riding, and headlight mode for idle

  • Power saver: after X Min of idle (e.g. 30min) turn lights off to save power, or switch to a single blinking LED instead


Does this WS2812 LED driver use only one GPIO to drive both front headlights, rear taillights, and battery level indicator lights, instead of three GPIOs? If it’s a single GPIO drive, then all three lights must be connected in series.

I think that’s how it works, yes

I want to be mindful of people that are are sensitive to flashing lights. So I’d like to avoid any flashing lights unless explicitly set. Especially during flywheel where they are likely to blast right into your eyes.

It might also be worth labeling which modes are flashy enough to be a problem.

Agreed, Flywheel lights don’t even need to be flashy, just some mellow rainbow animation would do, could even be a static rainbow pattern, as long as it’s unique to flywheel

I’ll test this feature out with the Ugland 5V power supply and WLED controller and report back.