Float Control - Tunes/Presets

How does Float Control (short: FC) manage tunes on your board?

#1: FC makes no code changes whatsoever
the code on your board only changes if you load a new package or if you load new firmware

#2: FC does never write configs, aka motor config, app config, or float config - only the VESC Tool does that
*So, Float Control never transmits all settings, like a whole XML - whereas the VESC Tool does (it always transmits/writes all values)

#3: FC does not change your boards tune when you connect to the board (only when you press Apply Settings or when you set a tune via the watch)
FC isn’t needed to keep a tune, just to set a tune

#4: FC Apply Settings is temporary!!!
Every time you hit Apply Settings in FC, and the tune gets applied (confirmed via checkmark) - this tune is temporary, aka power cycling the board reverts to the last saved tune.

Unlike VESC Tool or Floaty FC tuning is temporary aka lets you play around till you like it. If you configured yourself into a corner you can just power cycle the board and the tune goes back to what you saved last.

#5: How to make a tune persistent
If you want to make the current tune “permanent” (well, not permanent but basically the default that comes up when you power up the board) aka persist power cycling, FC has a feature “Write Config to VESC” accessible via the red button on the bottom left

#6: How to share tunes
Long press the tune card and press Share

#7: How to import tunes
a) Long press the tune card and press “Download tunes from Internet”
b) If someone sends you a tune via Air Drop or message or email attachment, accept it, and then open it - at first Float Control won’t be one of the apps suggested but you can hit “More” and then pick FC from the list, after a few times iOS will learn that you like Float Control to be suggested for such XML files

#8: How to import from Hermes
Share the tune you want, save it to your Files, then open the tune and share it, pick Float Control