Float Control - Hidden Features

Back Story: I made Float Control to learn how to create apps… it was really just meant for myself, putting it on the App Store for others to use was just an afterthought, so some features aren’t intuitive and you would never find them if you didn’t know where they were…

Hidden Features:

Tap on “Trip” to see a summary of the current trip
Tap the map symbol on the lower left to open the map (sorry no lock of zoom level while riding yet)

Long-press the reset-arrow next to “Trip” to end the ride and start a new one
Long-press the word “Trip” to view trip stats, swipe to see the raw VESC stats
…inside Trip stats, long-press the word “Distance” to see details (vesc vs GPS etc)
Long-press the temperature to switch Fahrenheit/Celsius
Long-press the voltage to switch to cell-voltage
Long-press the current to switch to battery-voltage
Long-press “Speed” to switch Metric/Imperial
Long-press “Duty” to toggle angles/setpoints (tap roll to see slope instead)

Remote Tilt Slider:
Long-press custom shaping icon while riding to bring up or remove remote tilt
Tap the custom shaping icon to switch between horizontal and vertical mode

Custom Shaping
Open it by tapping the custom shaping icon in the bottom right corner
Double tap any tune card to see the tune card menu, download from internet lets you access/import the public float package tune cards
Tap the question mark to see the differences to your current tune
To update an existing tune card, select it, make your changes, then double-tap the tune card to access the “Update…” feature.

Child Mode
What’s the baby stroller? In Settings you can configure two different duty tiltback settings. One for normal use and one for “child mode” the baby stroller lets you toggle child mode when you open Custom Shaping

How to see cell voltages with CAN-based smart BMS

Pre-requisites: you need a CAN-based smart BMS like an Ennoid or Trampa BMS, and you gotta have it actually hooked up via CAN and verified that it’s working in the VESC tool.

Now you can go into the settings, Vehicle Info/Settings and enable the CAN-enabled smart BMS toggle switch.

Once it is all set up you can double tap on the voltage in the realtime screen to bring up the BMS details view where you can see cell voltages, SoC, health, etc

How to see past ride logs
Enable Pro version in Settings General
Name your vehicle in Settings - Vehicle Settings
Find your vehicle on the bottom of the main screen (disconnect from board first, hit “STOP”)
Now find your past rides

Lights control

a) Thor300/LFOC4 lights control
With Float Package v1.4 and newer you can control your Funwheel lights
b) Floatwheel LCM control
If you run the latest “Floatwheel” specific firmware as well as the LCM specific VESC-Package package, and you’ve ST-Link’d your LCM, then you can control Floatwheel ADV lights.

FloatControl will show a flashlight below the duty cycle dial.

  • Press it to toggle lights
  • Long-press it to adjust brightness etc

how/where can we get the app?

In the Apple App Store. Search for Float Control

I may have spoke too soon. You can get the app from the Apple App Store but I don’t know if it is the version mentioned above. I am using the ATR v18 Firmware but the features don’t seem to work for me and the app only reports that I am running Vanilla Firmware. Hopefully the app in the store will get updated soon.

Hi, how I activate custom shaping in the app with float.cfg 0.6?

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Hey dado,

got some negative speed values in the Float Control App. In the VESC app however it‘s via versa. Correct Speed Values but negative duty cycle. I didn’t use negative speed values in the VESC App.

What’s wrong here?

Thank you :pray:t2:

search “negative” on pev.dev - the first hit will explain how to fix it

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That fixed it. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Love the app. Im not a native ios user but I purchased an iphone to use the app. Specifically, a phone capable of running ios 17 for the offline maps feature. Is there any way to utilize offline maps in sessions for data free phones?

sorry I still know nothing about ios17… I’ll look into it though

Will there be an app for Android? There are a lot of Android users in the world, it would be cool to do this =)

no Android in Float Control’s future - but have you checked out Floaty? It is an excellent app, highly recommended!