Float Control : Error Code 58

Dear near some help.
Since one week when I connect my Vesc and Float Control App, starting my board I have a red message on Float Control : BAD IMU Configuration. Your IMU configuration is like going to give you nose dips on bumpy terrain. Code 58. Redo your IMU configuration (use the new V6.2 VESC Tool for best result). That is what I did, maybe 3 times. But still have this error code only on Float Control. I can ride my board without noticing any change… What is the problem? Thanks for your help.

hello my friend has the same problem, we fixed it by putting the sample rate to 832 instead of 416… give it a try :wink:

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Hello, My sample rate is already at 832Hz… :frowning:

Your gyro z filter isn’t 1

Hello Dado m

y Gyro Pass Filter Z is at 2. Should I change to 1?

My Board is placed like the picture attached, giving those values… And what is curious, the board placement on the drawing is not the same position…

Hello finally, I have remade the IMU calibration following Dado’s video and this time disabling the float package. And now no more message! Thanks Dado’s video!