Firmware 5.3.006 is amazing

Seriously, the trick of isolating an axis for noise removal has transformed the ride. Instead of feeling unconfident and wobbly, my board now feels like a cheetah sprinting down the asphalt with 84v of thrust.

A huge step towards VESC not only being a viable alternative to Onewheel, but also being a truly high-performance machine. Bravo!


I feel the same. i was really loving my vesc board when i first built it, but once the thrill gone, i realized how unstable and unpredictable it is, but has potential.

Than Mitch fed up with all the people telling him the nose dips, and he than unleashed his magic.

Now my vesc board is my FAV board, I always take that one with me. It feels AMAZING, exactly how I imagine when I first bought a onewheel