Field weakening off board climbs curbs way too easy help

Yeah turns field weakening off and put sensor less to 2500 from 1500. Board rides way better(using a stock xr battery -900 miles w vesc, 1000 previous from xr, using the momentary setup w ground wire to third xlr - for reference) not sure if my mileage is better but only get about 3-4 miles per charge now, but all other behavior is fn fantastic, except for on these wider blocks w a softer angle, my board keeps climbing. Dont get me wrong I can now climb a curb going 1mph and pop over it like I’m at speed but it’s annoying when going to grind. I have to go really slow and be incredibly lazy when going to lock on almost not even putting my weight over on the curb which makes the slide look lame. Now on my skinny plastic home curb I’m knocking it iut of the park everytime. Was sorta like this before change but it’s very like it now, so it was an issue then as well but now just more of a pronounced one . I’m on w rails too so it is a bit tricky to slide since when the bumper is flat the controller is reading its forward more , but have leaned to live with. Last thing these curbs aren’t always the kind where you can just lock on by riding up , I’ll have to make a fast carve and put the tail almost to drag point to get enough upward momentum to get- not a problem with skinny ones but it is with these wide higher ones . Nico may know the type since he is in Ohio, these curbs are made to stop trucks and cars in winter so they are beefier than say fl where you have a low half curb or cali where it’s a low skinny on top curb w slightly more steep slopes . Any help would be appreciated thanks

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