Feature Request: UI for Traction Control/Wheel Slip Acceleration

Request: I would like the acceleration condition for running wheel slip to be a user entered value in the UI. It is currently hard coded to 10.

Behavior: While testing the booster I found that I could engage the running wheel slip status relatively easily. I was testing in my driveway, going from zero to maybe 12 mph. About 10-15 feet off the line I can get running wheel slip. I changed the acceleration condition from 10 to 15 to get true results for my booster testing. I found this fixed the issue.

Reason: When wheel slip is activated, traction control decreases current delivered to the motor until the status is cleared. This effectively limits your maximum acceleration to the acceleration defined by the wheel slip condition. Conversely, having a lower acceleration condition could allow traction control to engage faster for trail situations. In order to tailor to different ride styles and board specs, I suggest the acceleration condition is added to the UI so it can be easily modified by users.


  • 150lb rider
  • 30lb board
  • smooth asphalt
  • 15s1p p42A
  • Hypercore
  • Little Focer v3.1
  • 1" lift
  • 10.5" dia tire

Just because we report Wheelslip doesn’t necessarily mean that we take action. Real traction control is deliberately disabled because it’s not worth the risk.

Coincidentally I’ve also noticed that Wheelslip can be reported in normal situations so I agree that the logic needs tuning.

Yes, I see now that you mention it that traction control seems to only be true if d->is_upside_down. I just assumed it was enabled because I noticed actual wheel slip and recovery during my trail rides. I guess that was just the regular PID tune.

I’m working on my surge code currently and making good progress. I think it will be beneficial for traction control to prevent surge or cut it short if real wheel slip occurs. I’m using an acceleration condition of 15 for normal acceleration and 30 for surge. I will probably re-enable traction control if we enter wheel slip status and remove the statement that sets pid_value to zero if traction control is true, based on your experience with it. Thanks!

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