Extreme Nose Control

So this is kind of a follow up to my post about a Bluetooth remote. I’ve thought of a use-case-scenario.

I’ve been thinking a lot about those big mountain bike jumps at the lake Cunningham sports park from the western qualifying races. The ones that EUCs can hit really well but Onewheels can’t at all. I felt like I was really starting to nail the trick for getting to the top of many of those ramps but there were several more that were just impossibly steep. The problem is more nose tilt than speed - it can’t get up and out of the way in time.

I just can’t help but feel that a remote trigger controlling nose tilt would be SO helpful on those types of ramps. Being able to tilt the nose up at the ramp ON command rather than waiting for dynamic torque, or any sensor for that matter, to lift it. We could learn how to anticipate the response of the board and time it so that we don’t get tail drag either.

Imagine combining that with a quick surge in power, beyond the necessary extra power needed to tilt up your board at speed. I’m talking a momentary throttle override to add extra juice into the jump. Obviously that defeats the self-balancing aspect of the device but if you’re already braced for a jump and will be in the air a moment later I think it could work. Landing will be… well I’m gonna worry about that later lol.

Now, perhaps that’s crazy talk with the current hardware and is still a long ways off. Probably. Maybe? I just can’t help but see extreme onewheeling into pools and vert ramps in the not too distant future if this can be solved. That, and probably a lot of IMU challenges with balancing a board sideways on a ramp haha.

But for now I’d LOVE to experiment with some sort of real time feedback from an input device. I wonder what kind of unusual settings could prove fun to play with? Can I live adjust board tilt with Float Control?

You mean like this?


I don’t think remote nose tilt will really help in those extreme situations. It feels strange going up a steep incline using a high elevated nose as you still had to push it for acceleration. I’d rather think of a mode in which you don’t use much breaking amps and keep it balanced yourself. For pump tracks and pools you should only push and roll and don’t break.

The vescmann himself!!! Thanks for the feedback.

I was thinking the remote nose tilt adjustment would need to be very responsive. The main problem hitting some of these steep ramps is that the nose physically can’t clear it. The trick is to lean forward while kicking down on the back while lifting the front nose. However, this only works to a degree before the board’s balancing/braking slows you down too much.

Are you suggesting that by applying less braking power, you can physically override the board angle without losing momentum at the top of these jumps? I can see this working!

I just can’t help but feel like I’d still want responsive control over SOMETHING in the board. Maybe like a throttle boost? Some sort of switch to throw full power at the motor and you just have to balance atop the rocket? I imagine hitting Boost at the start of a steep ramp and, as long as your balance and footwork are good, just soaring over it! I keep seeing EUCs pull off crazy jumps and wonder what it’d take for a onewheel to do that too.