Excellent Video for VESC Newbies: Soldering 101 for VESC Onewheel Builds

Hey guys

Just recently found this video which an EXCELLENT starting point for all VESC and electronics beginners. If you are not sure, what tools and materials you need and how to solder properly, watch this video.

Maybe we could even transcribe the shopping list and put it here into this topic. Thoughts?

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A note regarding the soldering wire. No, they are definitely not all the same. Most hardware store will sell you almost pure tin soldering wire, that is because of the restrictions in regards to lead. Pure tin soldering is used nowadays mostly for water pipes for obvious reason, but the melting point is very high.

I would suggest anyone who wants to solder wires to specifically look for lead soldering wires, because of their lower melting points. It makes everything easier. However, do not breath the smoke, and wash your hands after each use.

I’d also highly recommend a high quality leaded solder. Cheap lead-free solder just feels starchy and just won’t melt as well, you will have a real hard time. Best to go on reddit soldering subreddit and look in their wiki for recommended solder brands and tools.

Do you have a link to a good recommendation?

Some of the recommended brands are Kester, MG chemicals, Chipquik, Multicore etc. Personally I’ve used a roll of MG chemicals 63/37 and it worked very well. You can get it on Amazon and the unit price is actually cheaper than the cheap Chinese solder.

Also see this stickied post regarding safety when working with leaded solder.

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