Ennoid xlite beeps multiple times on startup

I’m new to this amazing world of diy vesc onewheels and have assembled my first funwheel with LittleFocer 3.1 and Ennoid xlite v3.

Sometimes (like every 3-rd start) I hear beeps probably from BMS and I cannot find the reason.

There are no faults on the controller and on the BMS page of VESC tool everything looks OK.

How could I analyze this issue?

Maybe check the 5v wakeup leads on your CAN bus connector to make sure they aren’t backwards? It’s just a shot in the dark.

Mine required a firmware update and issue was gone.

Should be fine, BMS shuts down when I push the power switch.

Got the latest firmware running

What I’m observing is beeping (I’ve counted 12 beeps) when I start riding. Isn’t ennoid xlite firmware based on open-source DieBieMS? I’m embedded developer and would like to check the firmware code but am unable to find it - one one the github is just a fork from 6 years ago.