Thanks for this Mario! Great timing as I’m installing my Ennoid today.

A few other things I did to make it work better for charging my TORque pack -

  1. I had to adjust current LC shunt factor to get it to measure current properly. It was showing 1.25A when I was using a 5A charger. So I multiplied the default value by 4 (-0.000410 to -0.001640) which made it read correctly.

  2. I lowered the charge current threshold to the lowest amount allowed by the software to 0.05A. This, combined with the above change makes the charge port actually stay open through the balance cycle properly. At 0.5A it goes to sleep too early.

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Just FYI, this video is currently obsolete. I’m rendering out a longer, more comprehensive video on how I have been setting up these V1 units.

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When are you putting out the new video?

The new video is already up. Here is the link:

That video is outdated, unfortunately.

I’m awaiting on a set of V3 units to arrive and will do my best to make a video with those. The others I had belonged to customers and are no longer here.