Editing my posts

I’d like to be able to edit my posts retrospectively to update information. I know it’s a hassle for some reason with Discourse. Would it be possible to enable this?

oh I didn’t know this wasn’t possible - let me change your posts to Wikis, hopefully that’ll fix it

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Checking it, that should be possible

I added you to the group VESC Experts. That way you now have trust level 3 and you can edit your posts indefinitely.

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@rlyy ah, yes, this was the setting I was thinking of. Can I create wikis myself now too? I’m planning on making some posts for package development organization that would be good to have as wikis.

Also, I was thinking about having a new category created, “Package Development”. It’d encompass Onewheel packages in general, as well as interfacing with apps and modules (e.g. LED modules), etc.

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Yes, you can create a wiki from your own posts now. Click the three dots bottom right of your post, you will find it there.

Other users with tl2 or lower can also just ping a @moderators and we can make it wiki.

Exactly my thought, let me create one

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