DIY board not moving


Sorry if this has been asked already. Could not find any solutions.

Building my first electric vehicle.
Onewheel etc. type of board.

The board has following parts:

  • 36v 350w motor
  • Flipsky 4.12 ESC
  • LSM6DS3 external IMU
  • 10s4p battery

If I start from blank I can

  • configure motor working properly using wizard (motor spins nicely from Vesc tools bottom “ribbons” play buttons)
  • change app to use to no app and the Vesc tool detects my IMU
  • config IMU settings using IMU wizard (everything from this sites quide checks alright)
  • enabling float package

After enabling float and changing the APP TO USE to balance the motor starts to make nasty noises and doesn’t move properly anymore. When I try to handtest it just whines. I have read troubleshooting for motor noises and it didn’t help.

If you have enabled the float package, then I believe the “app to use” you should be using is actually uart. Then you can configure your settings inside the float tab that appears in vesctool. When trying to use the float package and balance app, I believe the two apps are fighting for control of the board and you hear those nasty noises from it

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Correct, though some setups will need App to Use set to None instead of UART, don’t know the specifics of why, just know some need it to function properly. But the Balance app should not be used, that is obsolete and is replaced by the Float Package. Enabling the Balance app essentially runs two “balance apps” at once since the Float Package already handles this.

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If I change “app to use” to "No App I can get my board running.
When I turn on the power and try the board on my hands the tire starts to spin on max power and when I level it and keep it in that position it starts to slow down but immediately starts to go back and forth.

Is there some quide on how to change the parameters on balance? And how to adjust when the motors should stop running tail or nose down, now it doesn’t matter how much I tilt it to either direction it just spins at max power.

When “app to use” is on UART it does nothing. I have enabled permanent UART

I believe that you’re close now. Because my working vesc has similar mode of operation, because without any load, it feels that tyre spins just either direction full on. When you load it, it feels smooth. I’m pretty sure that we both are in Finland, so i could help you in person too. I live both in jyväskylä and vantaa. And there is other vesc guys too around in here.