Dead battery from idle current draw

Hi I just built a 20s2p battery with a picklesbms for my board. It only has about 20 miles of use. I didn’t ride my board for 2 weeks, leaving it at storage voltage but when I went to turn it on today it only read out at 22.10 Volts. Is there anything I can do to save it or is it gone? I was running a 12s2p battery before and did not have this issue, the only thing that changed when I upgraded my board was the battery and bms. Superflux MK1, Ubox 100v, Molicel p28a cells.

I’ve never heard of idle current draw like this before, is it possible this was from the bms?

The battery also held its voltage fine for about a month before I put it in my board.

Seems extreme but did you have any bluetooth modules, lights, or other things possibly connected. Could have drained it but still seems like alot.