Dangerous Temperature cutoffs

Lil focer 3 fully assembled box
Indy Speed control 20s2p 84v
BMS x-lite v3
Hypercore FM motor

When connecting to the Float Control App
Config alert- Parameter “acceleration temperature decrease” is set to 15%. This can cause unexpected nosedives prior to overheating.

For balance vehicles this setting should be set to 0% combined with reasonable cutoff start temperatures.

How do I adjust? At the vesc tool app or float control app?

Go on vesc tool, motor config , general with temperature tab.

That’s fix but back with tiltback low voltage issue. https://youtube.com/shorts/xVrgFfcOIxQ?feature=shared

Are the values I’m suppose to change to 2.7 and 2.5?

Changing those values didn’t fix it.

Re installed vesc tool 6.02 and went through the process as described by Mario on his youtube video. Board working well. Still had to adjust the Acceleration Temperature Decrease on the Float control app. Some of the changes i made prior re installing vesc tool 6.02 and float package was to fully charge the battery. Hope this helps someone.

I’m getting the same error. Did you decrease the temp to 0% in Vesc tool like the warning in float control says? Or was it a different setting inside float control?

I made the changes of the float control app not vesc tool. In my case the problem was setting the vesc with partially charged battery, screw all settings. Board was jittery and non functional. All fixed after re installing vesc tool on a fully charged battery. Now I’m debating upgrading Float package 2.0.