Custom Front Foot Pad Help

I’m working on my own front foot pads to better match my riding style. I am still on the onewheel controller. VESC is my next project. Here is what my first one looks like so far:

It uses these switches McMaster-Carr

For the most part it works great. I was in the park doing 180’s and bonks but it has one weird behavior that I was able to repeat. When I am pulling high amps and jump off it will stay active for an extra few seconds. I know the switches are not sticking. It happens only when I am stalling or close to stalling the motor, like when you tail slide to a stop and lift your foot off. The motor will stay rotating for a solid 2 or 3 seconds on the grass.

I have learned about pull up and pull down resistors and I see how it is implemented in the onewheel controller. The pins used are pad1 pad2 and ground, so it is pull up to 3.3V with R33 and R29. It is still not clear to me how changing the pad switch would effect this circuit. Can someone explain this too me? I have read that VESC is 10kohm pull down. Do you expect the same problem on VESC? Thanks for reading.

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I solved this issue in case anyone has the same problem. The circuit needed some resistance to mimic a typical sensor pad. I added a 150 ohm resistor I had around. Works great now.